sábado, outubro 06, 2007

Nothing between

Come on, cuz you are there and I´m so far away, there are thousand people between us. Come on, it´s all about knowing our bounderings, I ain´t get envolved and neither you would, all depends on how long do you want me to stay.
Nothing is really interesting tonight, not even this table between me and you. I stare at you from the other side, you know what it´s like, and you stare at me too but not in the eyes – your look fixes a little bit above my knees. Mine stops in your chin, or in the curly grey hair you show these days.
I want it, you too, it´s nothing we´ve never done before, nothing would stop me to having it tonight. I´ll go to the bar, and get you when I´m coming back, can you take me somewhere else, off this boring party? Take me home, to streets, to the sky.
You look so beautiful in this white shirt, would be as gourgeous whitout it too. I can take it off and dress you with dreams, tonight there´s everything and nothing between you and me, there´s only your fear, but I feel it too. Let the fear sleeps toninght, I´ll sleep with you and nobody will be alone.
Don´t fuck everything with fears ans beliefs, or loving scars, we can do it now and think about later. Feelings will be out the door.
It´s nothing important, just you and me manipulating our senses, destroying old ghosts, relaxing our nerves and faking it all.

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Fê Savino disse...

Wow... sometimes it needs to be like this...

Deep & intense.. always!

Missing u!